What's New is a reboot series of Scooby Doo which ran for 2 weeks on CBBC in The People's Republic Of Britain, it was reknowned, for, among other things, being deeply shit, as many of the nation's children suffered intense emotional scarring, due to the often uncensored and unregulated content of many of the episodes, these children were finally relieved of this great emotional burden when Prime Minister James Cameron ordered the show's time slot to instead be occupied by his beloved Teletubbies.

However, days later, likely as you are reading this, Micro$oft took the decision of reviving the ill-fated Scooby Doo series on their Xbox 360 games console, with additional Kinect support, allowing users to manipulate the cast of colourful characters via obscene hand gestures, proving Xbox 360 to be the world's first 'controller free' games console.

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